Way too optimistic


This weekend there was another meeting with the Bobbin Lace Guild. For every time there is a meeting like this or a bobbin lace class I try to have made a lot of progress on my lace but my expectations are way too high. I simply seem to forget that during weekdays I only have half an hour here and there to work on the lace and the only time I actually get a bigger chunk is during weekends. So how on earth did I think I could make at least 30 cm after bobbin lace class on Wednesday evening and Bobbin Lace Guild meeting on Saturday morning? Well, I didn’t make 30 cm between those two events but I made some and that was good too. However, sometimes it is a good way of measuring that I’ve actually made progress, for example, to look at how much lace there was on the first guild meeting back in January and how much it was this time. I had actually made more than two meters in between meetings and that’s really something.