Happy Galentine’s!


I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day but I have embraced the concept of Galentine’s. So, to all my sweet, clever, strong, intelligent, beautiful and impressive friends…


Happy Galentine’s! I wouldn’t be who I am today without you.

I can see a pattern here


When I don’t have much time to knit I compensate by buying yarn. I don’t even notice this has happened until the third yarn package arrives and more are in the mail. This time it all got worse, not only is there no time to knit besides the Great Lace and bobbin lace, but I ordered some yarn on the Internet that looked very lime green and pretty on the picture and sure, I know that you can’t fully trust a screen picture, the colors are usually off (one of the many reasons I love magicloop.com.pl is because Agnieszka always has a written description of the yarn color as well, not to mention how it has helped me learn colors in Polish) but this time it was crazy. What arrived wasn’t a lovely lime but a mustard-y yellow (it looked like baby poop, as Jenny put it). Completely disgusting and it arrived on a day when I was feeling blue anyway and this didn’t help at all. I’m sending it back of course but I think that this incident has made me feel an urge to compensate heavily. First of all, I ordered a nice yellow (the one in the picture) so that I could return Agnieszka’s shawl. Next came pink and green and those three wonderful skeins to the right in the picture. I love them! Now all I need is time to knit because this is not sustainable. I will make a huge effort this weekend to make some lace and then maybe next week I will feel that I have time to actually knit my new lovely little skeins.

Any ideas for the second to the left?