Remember when I talked about the prettiest shade of pink ever? I hurriedly made this cardigan over Christmas and then quickly gave it away and I just found the pictures again and again it strikes me how perfect this shade of pink is. I need to get me some more of that. This pink was so pretty it was no problem to press out a cardigan in no time at all, had it been dark blue it would have been a nuisance but with this pink it was a pure delight.


Also, the pattern is adorable. The lace at the yoke, the sleeves, it’s just too cute.


I’m a little worried the neckline might be too wide (babies are surprisingly lacking in the shoulder area), I’ll try to get a review from the baby’s mother later, but other than that it’s perfect.


Look at the sleeve! I love the shape of the cuff, from now on I will never make another kind of cuff again (or maybe not but it’s darn cute).


I thought I had much more yarn than I had, I had forgotten about the pink narcissus pseudo-narcissus wristwarmers I made last summer and by the second sleeve the yarn was up.


Luckily there are not much yarn needed for a little sleeve so I un-picked the bind off of the body and started to unravel as I continued knitting on the sleeve. Six unraveled rows later the sleeve was done and I could re-knit the cuff of the body. All in all, the yarn shortage might have shortened the cardigan about half an inch.


Pattern: Stella by Linden Down. Yarn: Malabrigo sock. Colorway: Light of Love.