The city that never(?) sleeps


There are few things I find so glamorours in the everyday life as going to a coffee house in the morning before work. It makes me feel like I’m in an American TV-show. I can pretend that my sweet little city, that I very much love, for a second has turned into New York and that I’m a glamorous career woman in high heels working with publishing or TV producing or something. (That is, until I take out my knitting just to make a few rows.) Yes, I might have watched a little too much Sex and the City in my days but this occurs also in Fame and in many other TV-shows and it looks very nice. There are not many coffee houses here that open early enough for this, I’m usually at work between 7:30 and 8 am and very few places open before 7:30. The other day though I had a meeting at a coffee hourse at 8:30 and I saw my chance. I made sure to be there way early and could spend a glorious half hour pretending I’m this big city hot shot who goes to coffee houses before work happily knitting away while the big city pulsates around me (if by pulsate you understand that I was sitting by a window so I could see an intersection). However, it wasn’t New York but it was nice none the less.