For the longest lace


Bobbin lace class has started again for the semester and yester we met, eight bobbin lace makers, to make, well, lace. It was very nice, some bonding across generations and generally a good time.


Experienced lace makers next to beginners and I love that we are on different levels in the class and make different laces. We can always learn from each other. Some of us had made a lot of lace over Christmas and some hadn’t even looked at a bobbin lace pillow since mid-December and it’s all okay. The class is what you want it to be and your way of taking the class doesn’t interfer with someone else’s. Not like in dance class when someone (me) wants to learn and practise and someone else (the lead) is just there to dance and not to learn new things. It’s very hard for me to practise new things if the lead isn’t interested but that doesn’t happen in bobbin lace class. There is less music in bobbin lace class too, come to think of it.


Yesterday I officially reached 3 meters of lace and now I only have 7-8 meters left. That might sound discouraging but the longest Iace I’ve made before was 80 centimeters and this is much, much longer. Yay me!