Knit for a knitter


I have probably mentioned this before but every now and then I start thinking about knitting and knitters. Is it okay to knit for a knitter? When I first started thinking about it I thought that no, a knitter knows what s/he wants and makes that for herself. Then I started thinking, who else knows and can really appreciate the the time and effort spent on something knitted? The answer is obvious – a knitter of course. Who knows how to take care of knitted stuff? A knitter! Knitters are not all alike, some love lace weight yarn, others have a great passion for worsted weight, some adore lace and some would never be caught doing a yarn over to save their life but is a very talented intarsia knitter instead. (That last one is obviously not me even though I have an MKAL in front of me that will probably teach me some intarsia tricks.) But, just because I don’t knit Fair Isle it doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s pretty and would love to wear it. Wouldn’t it then be a wonderful thing if someone knit me something in Fair Isle? Or knit me something they thought pretty and had my name on it?

A few weeks ago I saw a picture of a pair of wrist warmers that a friend had given another friend. They were beautiful wrist warmers and I suddenly got so jealous. I want to have that kind of wrist warmers too! Not only that but I want my friend to knit me wrist warmers. I can make myself wrist warmers any day of the week but I can not make myself a pair of wrist warmers from that friend. And that made me realize that knitting is not just the garment itself, or even warmth but a little piece of someone else that I can carry with me. I use knitting like that, I love the fact that Agnieszka is most often wearing things that I’ve made her (not only because she likes to have me with her (I’m not even sure she’s even thought of that) but because I’ve knit so much for her it’s hard for her to find an outfit that doesn’t have anything of my handknit to match it) and I bet it makes her think if me more often but most importantly, I know that I am close to her, that I, or a little piece of me, is with her and near her even when I personally am not in the same room or even in the same country. Or, just the fact that besides me on the dest at work is a yellow shawl that I made for Agnieszka and that she lend me last week because I needed yellow and this was the best yellow I knew. I know I’ve made that shawl but it was about three years ago and there has been a lot of knits under the bridges since, and now it’s hers and it being next to me means that a little piece of her is with me and I can’t tell you how much comfort that is.

My point is that just because I’m a knitter it doesn’t mean that I don’t like to have my friends with me and their work warming my shoulders or wrists or ears. They will have found patterns I would never have seen and they will do things differently from what I would have done and they will use technics that I have never tried and basically, it will never be the same to have my own shawl wrapped around my neck instead of the one made for me by my friend. So, I will knit for knitters and hope that they won’t hesitate to knit for me just because I’m a knitter too.