GLP update #7

It’s been a while since I talked about my Great Lace and showed you the progress. This lace is built of an edge, a body from stitches that is picked up from the edge, a triangle shape that starts in the middle of the body stitches and then emerges one stitch per row from the body into the triangle and then the whole shebang ends with Another edge along the top of the triangle.


The body contains of 240-something rows and 225 of these rows are one big chart divided into three sheets of paper (because it couldn’t fit on one) with 75 rows on each sheet. Yesterday I finished the second sheet which means I only have about 75 rows left on this chart before I move to the next, 16-rows, chart and after that to the triangle itself.


Even though I technically know that my cone is smaller (so sorry for crappy pictures but it is February after all) I can’t see it, not even when comparing it to pictures of it from this summer. Sure, it’s less square but I was sure it would be significantly smaller by now. I was also sure I would need a second cone but now I’m not so sure anymore. That might, on second thought, also be famous last words…