Apparently it’s big, at least on the inside


A year ago we first got the keys to our new apartment. It was a lovely one and it still is.¬†We inaugurated it by sitting on the floor eating lunch and I made a few rows on my current knitting. Since then there has been plenty of knittings and laces and the walls that were nougat are now pink and the light green walls (or whatever color that was) are now yellow, the stash has a prominent place and we’ve had our first Christmas tree up. And, the blue knitting is finally done.


Apropriately the pictures have been taken on the floor, the same floor (just maybe a hinch dustier) as on January 21 last year.



I don’t know anything about the TV-show Doctor Who but apparently this is a Tardis, bigger on the inside, and most important to the whole plot.


Agnieszka found the pattern and we surfed the net together for the yarn in the¬†perfect shade of blue (speaking of perfect, I’m still looking for the perfect shade of yellow).


The designer made this because she loved Doctor Who and had made a Doctor Who scarf (I have no idea what that is) but people told her she couldn’t wear that for work as it wasn’t elegant enough, so she made this shawl instead which she could wear at anytime. I hope Agnieszka too feels a certain amount of elegancy while wearing it, as well as earning her some credits at a Doctor Who convention or something.


For me this was the wrong color at the wrong time, blue in January, and I had to walk away from it for several months. Then in June, when Agnieszka was finally coming back home from the States, I hurried to finish it and could present it to her at the day of her arrival. Knitting a blue Tardis shawl in June worked much better than January (difficult month!).


Pattern: Bigger on the inside by Kate Atherley. Yarn: Heart You from Nerd Girl Yarns, color Tardis Blue. No modifications.