Bobbin lace guild


It seems I have joined a bobbin lace guild. It sort of just happened without me really knowing how but I don’t mind, I think it will be great fun.


A big group of elder ladies, meeting up once a month, making lace, chatting and admiring each other’s work. Later in the sping we might go on a little trip to a textile mill. Just like something taken from British TV show or an Agatha Christie novel (let’s just hope the similarities with the novels end there).


The whole bobbin lace class was invited to the guild since there were tools and yarn for sale and a few of us attended. I got a little carried away but still think I only bought sensible things. My current lace simply eats yarn and I bought some more, just to be sure. Luckily I had my bobbin lace pillow and lace with me so I could compare the yarn I bought with the ones I use, I almost got the full bleached one instead of the half bleached one and I wasn’t going to make that mistake again.


HelĂ©ne had a made a small piece of the same lace as I’m making. It was beautiful and it really shows she has been doing bobbin lace for much, much longer that I have. Well, it would be weird if it didn’t. She started a new lace, called Sloe, and just look at the elegance of her bobbin lace pillow – the crispy white yarn against the black pins and pattern and the green pillow underneath. Very aesthetic. I think I need to get some pins in the one single color, it’s very appealing.