Beads, beads, beads, I’m looking for a good time


There’s been a lot of bobbin lace here lately but I am completely obsessed. What thrills me the most is the beads. Every pattern repeat I add a bead and every eighteenth repeat there is a beadless repeat. That’s how I know that the thrill lies mostly in the beads (there is obviously nothing wrong with that – any knitting can be the most interesting one with the addition of beads, for example), that beadless repeat would be utterly boring but for one thing, the repeat after brings a change in bead color. Right now the bead color is a sparkly light pink which delights me endlessly. Even just seeing them in the box makes me happy and then, when added to the lace, it’s like two lovely halves make a complete great one. Or two lovely ones make an amazing duo or something. It just fits, okay.