This is what she really meant


It is a truth universally acknowledged that all bobbins will run out of thread at the same time. This is kind of logical since you usually put the same amount of thread on them but then again, since they travel differently over the lace they use up different amounts of yarn, some more and some less. In the past few days I’ve rethreaded and spliced all of my 24 bobbins. It’s a bit tedious since you have to be extra careful and for a few centimeters act like two bobbins are actually one. The good thing is that you are so focused on that extra bobbin that you don’t notice your progress. All that rethreading, while I was so focused on the extra bobbin, made many, many centimeters. And then, when it was all done, I was surprised at how easy my lace was. I had thought it took quite some time to make but after having finished rethreading everything, which both takes focus and extra time, it feels like a very fast lace to make. Also, I’ve rethreaded with significantly more thread so it will take some time before I have to rethread again. In the meanwhile I will just enjoy my lace, it’s insane how much pleasure I find in adding another bead. It brightens the lace tremendously and I must say, everything that will make this huge lace making easier, is very welcome.