New beginnings


Last day of Christmas vacation. I can’t say I’m tired of having some time off but it feels all right going back to work (famous last words, we’ll see how many e-mails awaits for me in the morning). It feels good having bobbined as much lace as I have and I’ve knit quite a lot too, I’ve finished two shawls, a baby sweater and a pair of wrist warmers during these past two weeks and made at least 50 cm (20″)of lace. I’m most proud of having finished a shawl between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and making so much lace (the latter is a good thing too, I’m estimating I need about 13 metres of this lace). I’m a little sad that Christmas and all is over though, as I said before, the weeks after Christmas are the thoughest ones in the whole year, I think. I will be careful what I cast onm which color I use,¬†and also be aware that I think these weeks are a little rough and be kind to myself.