New Year’s resolution?


I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I think they are a perfect way of making you feel bad early on in the new year. You are full of good intentions and then New Year’s Day comes and you are just a little bit too tired to do anything, much less start a new, better, habit. So, you fail on your good intentions, making you feel bad for yourself and I don’t know about you but that’s not the way I want to start a new year. Therefore, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.

This year though, I have decided to bobbin lace more. To take the time and sit down and make lace. I have cleaned my desk to make room for my bobbin lace pillow and I’ve actaully sat down and made some. As with knitting, bobbin lace happens if you actually sit down and do it. That’s when it happens. So that’s what I’ll do. To make it happen.