Yarn over


So, here we are again. The beginning of the year, January. I am not fond of the first weeks of a new year. I love Christmas and I truly enjoy it but as soon as New Year’s is over it’s like it’s all over and there is nothing left to look forward to. It’s way too many weeks till spring and when you really start noticing the return of the light. I try to hold on to the Christmas lights as long as I can but eventually it has to go back to it’s box in the basement awaiting next year’s Christmas. It’s dark and it feels kind of hopeless. This year I will try to not repeat last year’s color depression by bringing out only the brightest colors (and no blue!) but I am not crazy enough to believe that is will solve it all, the next few weeks will still be though. Good books, bright, delicious yarn and to cut myself some slack, that will be the cure. Now all I have to do is remember it too.