Beads, beads, beads, I’m looking for a good time


There’s been a lot of bobbin lace here lately but I am completely obsessed. What thrills me the most is the beads. Every pattern repeat I add a bead and every eighteenth repeat there is a beadless repeat. That’s how I know that the thrill lies mostly in the beads (there is obviously nothing wrong with that – any knitting can be the most interesting one with the addition of beads, for example), that beadless repeat would be utterly boring but for one thing, the repeat after brings a change in bead color. Right now the bead color is a sparkly light pink which delights me endlessly. Even just seeing them in the box makes me happy and then, when added to the lace, it’s like two lovely halves make a complete great one. Or two lovely ones make an amazing duo or something. It just fits, okay.

The knitter, the baker, the bobbin lace maker


Winter leisure – that could be a name of a cross stitch kit (come to think of it, it probably already exists one called just that). I’m sitting at my desk, watching the snow falling outside the window, working on my lace and listening to audiobooks. The setting is perfect for a mystery at slow pace and that’s what I’m listenting to, Agatha Christie and Miss Marple. A bit like Arsenic and old lace, it feels apropriate somehow. The lace moves slowly forward, the snow falls slowly and the mystery slowly unravels. Quite lovely.

This is what she really meant


It is a truth universally acknowledged that all bobbins will run out of thread at the same time. This is kind of logical since you usually put the same amount of thread on them but then again, since they travel differently over the lace they use up different amounts of yarn, some more and some less. In the past few days I’ve rethreaded and spliced all of my 24 bobbins. It’s a bit tedious since you have to be extra careful and for a few centimeters act like two bobbins are actually one. The good thing is that you are so focused on that extra bobbin that you don’t notice your progress. All that rethreading, while I was so focused on the extra bobbin, made many, many centimeters. And then, when it was all done, I was surprised at how easy my lace was. I had thought it took quite some time to make but after having finished rethreading everything, which both takes focus and extra time, it feels like a very fast lace to make. Also, I’ve rethreaded with significantly more thread so it will take some time before I have to rethread again. In the meanwhile I will just enjoy my lace, it’s insane how much pleasure I find in adding another bead. It brightens the lace tremendously and I must say, everything that will make this huge lace making easier, is very welcome.

New beginnings


Last day of Christmas vacation. I can’t say I’m tired of having some time off but it feels all right going back to work (famous last words, we’ll see how many e-mails awaits for me in the morning). It feels good having bobbined as much lace as I have and I’ve knit quite a lot too, I’ve finished two shawls, a baby sweater and a pair of wrist warmers during these past two weeks and made at least 50 cm (20″)of lace. I’m most proud of having finished a shawl between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and making so much lace (the latter is a good thing too, I’m estimating I need about 13 metres of this lace). I’m a little sad that Christmas and all is over though, as I said before, the weeks after Christmas are the thoughest ones in the whole year, I think. I will be careful what I cast onm which color I use, and also be aware that I think these weeks are a little rough and be kind to myself.

New Year’s resolution?


I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I think they are a perfect way of making you feel bad early on in the new year. You are full of good intentions and then New Year’s Day comes and you are just a little bit too tired to do anything, much less start a new, better, habit. So, you fail on your good intentions, making you feel bad for yourself and I don’t know about you but that’s not the way I want to start a new year. Therefore, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.

This year though, I have decided to bobbin lace more. To take the time and sit down and make lace. I have cleaned my desk to make room for my bobbin lace pillow and I’ve actaully sat down and made some. As with knitting, bobbin lace happens if you actually sit down and do it. That’s when it happens. So that’s what I’ll do. To make it happen.

Yarn over


So, here we are again. The beginning of the year, January. I am not fond of the first weeks of a new year. I love Christmas and I truly enjoy it but as soon as New Year’s is over it’s like it’s all over and there is nothing left to look forward to. It’s way too many weeks till spring and when you really start noticing the return of the light. I try to hold on to the Christmas lights as long as I can but eventually it has to go back to it’s box in the basement awaiting next year’s Christmas. It’s dark and it feels kind of hopeless. This year I will try to not repeat last year’s color depression by bringing out only the brightest colors (and no blue!) but I am not crazy enough to believe that is will solve it all, the next few weeks will still be though. Good books, bright, delicious yarn and to cut myself some slack, that will be the cure. Now all I have to do is remember it too.

Construction work


Today has been a quiet day, very appropriate for a New Year’s Day, and we’ve watched TV and worked on different projects. I have made a pair of wrist warmers, this year’s first project, both started and finished. They are blocking now and tomorrow I will weave in the ends. Julle has built a little airplane from a kit he got for Christmas. It’s very cute and he has played with it all evening. Next step is to paint it but he has to decide which colors first. For my part, I will cast on something new, a new MKAL started today. It’s with this MKAL as with the new year, we know nothing about it yet and all doors are open. It’s both scary and exciting.