Off the record, on the QT and very hush-hush


It’s that time again. The time when everything I knit is a secret to someone so I have to be careful what project bag I carry and where, what I knit when and who will I meet? To show something on the blog is not to think about. Who happened to be with me when I bought what yarn and what have they expressed interest in? Should I go for that wish or should I decide for myself? It’s important to remember that wishes are wishes and not orders. I knit, I get to decide. If I get to choose it can either go totally wrong or I’ve found something that the receiver hadn’t even thought about themselves. It’s a lot of stealth knitting and shuffling and remembering to keep my mouth shut in some situations. I do firmly believe in people now buying stuff for themselves Before Christmas is over, you never know what might await you in Santa’s sack.

What’s left is to do the finishing on one gift, knit the last parts of another, start four smaller ones and that should be it. I’m not telling how much is, or is not, already finished. 20 days left till Christmas Eve. Hush-hush!