The knitting that comes after all that other knitting


It feels like I haven’t knit anything lately. That isn’t a correct observation, I have indeed knit quite a lot, I’m two thirds done with my goal for NaKnitMo which means I have knit more than 50 000 sts since November 1st, 13 days (you can’t count today yet, I haven’t even started to look at today’s stitch count). That it not nothing, that is quite a lot. The thing is thought that I haven’t made progress, which is also not correct. I have made progress. For example, I’m one afterthought heel away from a finished pair of stripey socks (that’s one heel, not two, one is already done). I have also knit half of a sock in another self-striping yarn. That’s quite a lot. What I mean is that I have not made the right kind of progress. I haven’t knit what I want to knit, so to speak, mostly because some things are just not possible to bring out and about.

Both pairs of stripey socks have to 90 % been knit outside of home. At the restaurant last Friday when I got one done and half of the other. At theatre rehearsal when I got the second half of the second one done. At a lecture yesterday (a quite silly lecture I might add, everyone was lucky I had my knitting but I think the lecturer got pissed that I didn’t write down her advice on how to clean out a closet but really, I’m 30 and my mum is twice my age and we have both cleaned out closets before, it’s not rocket science and it wasn’t anything that we hadn’t heard or already thought of. The fact that we had a teenage giggle moment (if you happen to have met my mum you might suspect that she wasn’t actually giggling, she is not a giggly person, she is more of a healthy sceptisism type, but I can assure you, she was giggling) might also have been a problem to this lecturer but really, she should just have been happy I had my knitting, who knows what would have happen otherwise) I got another half of a new sock done. This is excellent progress and don’t get me wrong, I love these socks but they are my bring-with-me-knitting. Good progess on these means that I haven’t been home much which means that my at-home-knitting has been quite neglected, which is not a nice feeling. This means that so far this week I have only knit two rows out of then on my Great Lace. I haven’t finished the second clue on my MKAL and the third arrived today. And since I haven’t met these two deadlines I cannot knit on my other at-home-knttings. Those haven’t even been looked at and they are naging me.

Tonight though, tonight, after I’ve made some progress on my Polish homework, I have many glorious knitting hours and I will use them to sort out the knitting. I will finish the last heel of the first pair of stripey socks. I will knit a few rows on my Great Lace. I will knit even more rows on my MKAL and slowly but steadily tie up (or weave in as the case might be) all these loose ends that are flying around. It’s going to be such a relief.