It doesn’t matter what nose you’ve got


In the comic book about Asterix and Cleopatra (qui a un joli nez) there is an architect who is promised to be covered in gold if he manage to build a certain pyramid (and he will be thrown to the tigers or the alligators or something if he fails). He succeeds and is completely covered in gold coins at the end of the story. I’m thinking it might be possible to do something like that but with yarn instead when there is a great need of yarn therapy. Cover me in merino. I seem to be much taller than the architect in the comic (judging by the height of Cleopatra herself (whose nose is indeed very nice)) and I’m not sure all my yarn would actually cover me if I stand up (even though I do have very much yarn (especially in green it seems, I might have to make a direct effort to get the greens down to a manageable level) if not as nice a nose as Cleopatra)  but it would be fun to try sometime.  One might have to make some sort of arrangement so the yarn actually stay around me, it’s not as heavy as gold and will inevitably try to escape. Flimsy things, those skeins. Also, it would later take such a long time to try to get the stash organized again.

This is actually something quite good for a baby shower or a birthday party or something, if the mother-to-be or the birthday kid is a knitter. Cover the knitter in his/her stash. Take off the ball band of a few skeins/balls and let the knitter guess what yarn it is (preferably some yarn that the knitter is well acquainted with…). Presents could be yarn and pattern for clothes for the baby (or the birthday knitter) but the knitter will have to do the knitting herself. Gift certificates for finishing a certain amount of projects where the knitter does the knitting and someone else does the sewing and weaving in ends (oh, I like that one). Such great ideas! Now, let’s see which knitters I know…