Self-striping for the win!


It seems it’s not only me who is fascinated by self-striping yarn. Last week I was pondering which knitting to bring when we were going out for drinks andĀ I decided on my socks, they are plain socks but with a fun color pattern so it doesn’t feel tedious. I didn’t want to bring any of my other knittings since the Great Lace is obviously out of the question and my new MKAL has a lot of charts and beads and such which would be impossible at a bar. Hence, the socks it was. I explained this to a friend of mine who said that the socks were good as long as I remembered to change colors every twelve rows. I showed her the yarn ball and told her about the self-striping. She thought it was really cool. Then later at theĀ restaurant I was explaining my knitting again and again people where amazed by the yarn. Self-striping socks rock(s)!