The big Three-O


Friday was my birthday and I’m now officially 30 and there is no turning back. I started the day by going to yoga and then I had a pastry with my tea at my coffee break at work. I am a firm believer in having cake for breakfast on your birthday but since I was going to yoga class at 7:30 I didn’t have time. I was prepared though, I had a pastry hidden at my office so I could celebrate later. When I got to my desk there was a little flag in my keyboard and it all felt very festive.


When you turn 30 you get sensible (and/or knitting related if you happen to be a knitter) gifts, like table runners and vases, which is great ’cause you really need those things but you would never buy as nice vases and table runners yourself. I totally recommend turning 30! I have gotten such lovely things, you wouldn’t believe it.

During this week I’ve been trying to see if I’ve grown up in any way and I’ve had some proof that I have and some that I haven’t. For example, when someone complained to someone elseĀ about having to pay for knitting patterns, instead of diving head first into that conversation to state my opinion, I took a deep breath and literally walked away. I felt that was very mature of me. Later in the week though, becauseĀ I got overly confident about my new maturity, I took a zip from my friends espresso to see if maybe I like coffee now that I’m 30 but it was still horrible and I think that I probably never will like it. It’s okay, I prefer tea anyday of the week anyway.


In the evening we went out for drinks and I got a pink princess drink (my signature drink by the name, since there is no drink called that it I usually just order it and let the bartender do whatever s/he likes. The whole thing about the pink princess drink started when I turned 18 and my slightly older friend introduced me to a bar for the first time (18 is a legal drinking age in Sweden, just so you know) and decided I needed something pink.


My sock-in-progress was with me at the restaurant, it is still NaKnitMo and I had a stitch count to meet (don’t worry, I met it by a lot). People usually find it interesting when I knit at restaurants and such but it was my birthday, and I had a princess crown on my head to prove it, so I figured I could just knit as much as I wanted.


So, happy birthday to me, it was a great one, and thank you all who made it so lovely!