NaKnitMo update


While blocking a very pretty cardigan and some socks and neckwarmer is very intereresting to look at indeed (the acutall watching of the blocked items drying is as interesting as watching grass grow but you only had to see one picture, I’ve been looking at the actual items for two days now so you really shouldn’t complain) and to see five rows of a new project is above fascinating (even though the project bag was really pretty), I totally understand that all you are asking for right now is how the NaKnitMo is going.

Well, let me tell you, it’s going fine! To meet my goal of 75 000 sts I have to knit 2500 sts every day. To meet my secret goal of 100 000 sts I have to knit 3333,33 stitches every day and despite the difficulties of knitting only one third of a stitch, I’m doing fine on both goals (I know it would be kind of hard to do fine on the 100 000 sts goal without doing very well on the 75 000 sts goal but I digress). Completing the cardigan during theatre rehearsal gave me a lot of stitches, the Great Lace is amazing for adding up the totals, three rows and I’ve met my stitch count for the 75 000 sts goal. Sock knitting isn’t as great but it helps me get a few rounds in here and there. I believe that my new MKAL will also be enormous help when it comes to stitches (I just need to decide on the beads, which ones to use, or I’m stuck at row 9).

Having a stitch count to meet everyday should also make a big dent in the somewhat elusive Christmas knitting (so, I might have gotten a plan now, sort of, it involves a lot of socks. If you don’t care for socks maybe we should wait till next year when I might be into mittens or something and when I don’t have a Great Lace to knit at the same time (granted of course that I finish it before then)) if we can judge by the incident of last night. It was almost time for bed and I had just completed a row of the Great Lace. There wasn’t time to do another row. Any other night I would have just started brushing my teeth and go to bed but since I knew I hadn’t met yesterday’s stitch count, I picked up my sock and threw in 16 rows (768 sts), updated my ticker and then I went to bed. I thought this would make me really tired today but no, it didn’t. Now, 768 rows of plain knit stitches doesn’t take that long, maybe 20-25 minutes,┬áso it wasn’t late or anything when I went to bed, I didn’t have trouble getting up in the morning and instead I’m 16 rows closer to a finished sock. Pretty good outcome, I’d say.