The eager sock knitter


Socks. For reasons unknown to me, this fall I feel an urge to knit socks. Last year I kind of wanted it too but felt discouraged by the limited use I noticed.  After I had blogged about that though, people started to come up to me and mention their interest in hand knit socks. I made three pairs as Christmas gifts but then it was done and the sock knitting itch was over. This year it’s back. I think about knitting socks whenever I’m not actaully knitting socks (and then I want the sock to be done so I can cast on a new on in even more delicious yarn and another delicious pattern). It slowly crept up from behind and started when I bought a skein of sock yarn as I was ordering yarn for some other things. Then it was the impulse-buying of three pair’s worth of sock yarn. Then another skein of sock yarn made it’s way into my home.

Then due to last weeks moth panic attack I cast on a sock and kept knitting on it. Then the urge hit me full scale in the stomach and I keep looking at new patterns and new yarn and maybe I should even get some better needles to accomodate this. I think this might be the answer to yesterday’s thoughts about Christmas. I know socks were on my list last year but socks aren’t forever and if you’ve worn them correctly (and enough) they should be pretty much done by know. Or, you might have two pairs. That works too. Or, I’ll just keep all my socks for myself, I haven’t decided yet. I will try to finish my cardigan (it’s out of the freezer since this morning) and I’ll obviously knit on the Great Lace (equally out of the freezer), but other than that, I think it’s socks. Socks, socks, socks. At least till the itch fades.