No plan


I was once on a date without knowing it was a date and it wasn’t until the date in question said “I have no plan” that I got what was going on. I admit there were other hints as well but I was completely oblivious, I just thought I was dancing with a very polite person. I also admit that “I have no plan” is not a universal way of telling someone that they are on a date, it depends heavily on context and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’ve built up to it earlier. Instead, asking someone to a dance is a more universal way of asking someone out but in this case, and this context, it wasn’t obvious.

When I now say that I have no plan, I’m not trying to ask anyone out on a date, no, I speak of something totally different. Christmas. I have no plan. Last year by now, my plans were all over the place and I was a bit stressed out about it all. This year, I have no idea what to give people for Christmas, I haven’t got a single knitting plan (I did buy some sock yarn the other day though, maybe that is a hint). The weird part about this is not the non-existing plan but that I have absolutely no worries about it. Christmas? Yeah, it’s coming. Soon from a knitter’s perspective. So?

I think this might be because of the Great Lace. I think that I have somewhat accepted the fact that if I’m going to knit on the lace, I won’t be able to knit as much on other things. Books are good gifts too. I’m probably going to be a bit more stressed later on when I see the big picture. My laissez-faire attitude will most likely turn into a big cloud of stress somewhere mid-November but for now, I’m completely cool about having no plan at all. (I am not as cool about not meeting my goal for the knitting for me this year but the year isn’t over yet.) I know there is a baby coming soon, for which I’m not only a knitter but also a knitter by proxy which means I’m also knitting gifts from someone else to this baby. Still, this doesn’t stress me at all. To tell the truth I’m a bit worried about this no plan, no worries strategy. It might just be a big procrastination that will eventually, just like the no-plan-date eventually did, go haywire. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.