Moth panic


Wow, last week sure wasn’t my week. It all started at the beginning of the week when someone brought a knitting to work. During Tuesday I looked at the yarn of this knitting and noticed that it was thinner in some places. Now, the yarn was a 70 % acrylic and 30 % wool blend so it probably wasn’t very interesting for any unwanted guests anyway but once the word moth was in my head I couldn’t get it out. I have a vivid imagination and usually I’m a pretty practical and realistic person but if I get something in my head, there is no end to the things I can imagine, especially not when it comes to the stash.

When I left work on Tuesday I gathered everything woolly that I could find and as soon as I got home I stuffed it all in the freezer, my hat, my mittens, the knitting I had had with me, everything, and I immeadiately felt better. I picked up a new knitting and settled in for a nice knitting evening. This could have been the end of it if I hadn’t woken up on Wednesday morning realizing that my actions hadn’t been enough. I had, after all, been with the suspiciously thin yarn all of Monday too and I had worn a woollen cardigan that I had then worn at home in the evening when I knit. That cardigan went into the freezer together with the new knitting I had cast on Tuesday evening and my Great Lace that I had worked on Monday evening. I thought about throwing the entire stash in the freezer but I didn’t really have the time right then. When we left home for work I saw something fluttering around in the stairwell and asked Julle if it was a moth (I might have been mildly hysterical) and he assured me that it wasn’t and that it certainly didn’t come from our apartment. I barely believed him.

I refused to bring a knitting with me on Wednesday and urged the owner of the thin yarn to bring it back home and put it in the freezer. Wednesday evening I wound a new skein of yarn and cast on. Thursday I did bring my knitting but kept it away from the place where the thin yarn had been. A co-worker who is experienced when it comes to moths told me that since we hadn’t seen any moths we were okay and that I shouldn’t worry. She also said that moths are creatures that fly around in the summer and they will enter your home through the window or elsewhere. Just keep the stash and wool closets clean and it should be okay (the last part is not really what I heard, I heard “there is no way to completely protect oneself from moths, gaaaah!). I guess you could say she managed to make things better and worse at the same time. I stopped worry so much about this moth alert but instead started to worry about the over all safety of the stash. I’m not sure that was better. I decided to keep the things in the freezer the full week anyway.

Saturday night I found something fluttering in my bedroom, dangerously close to my closet. Again, some kind of panic crept up (really, if you don’t want panic, stop fluttering when I’m tired) and Julle chased the offensive creature down and again assured me it wasn’t a moth (I have no idea how he can tell). The panic stayed on but when I murmured something about getting rid of the stash because it was too much strain to live in constant fear of it’s safety, Julle somewhat desperately explained that he will build some kind of moth free zone for it as soon as we get somewhere bigger to live. I didn’t really get how we would do it (it was late at night and I was tired after all) but the words air-tight and cedar tree and controlled ventilation was thrown in there and in the end he made me promise not to get rid of the stash.

On Wednesday I can remove things from the freezer and hopefully things will be okay again. At least as long as I don’t see anything else fluttering around.