Yes, there was, is and will be knitting.


Today I bought yarn completely by accident. I had no plan what so ever to buy yarn, nevertheless, that’s what happened. I’m not quite sure myself how it happened and it was caused by some coincidences. I was on my way to have coffee with my mum and since the weather was nice I thought I’d walk. On my way I met my friend Emma and we stopped and chatted for a while and our conversation got quite animated. She went in her direction and I went in mine and in doing so I glanced to the right and spotted a handcraft store I’ve been passing on my bike a few times lately. Right now they are displaying yarn and I’ve been thinking I should take a look. Apparently this look was happening today so I crossed the street and stopped to look through the window. The yarn wasn’t really to my taste and besides, I was late for my mum, but then I happened to look past the window display and into the store where my eyes caught the sight of self striping yarn. Now, self striping yarn is not something I come by often and without hesitation I entered the store. 30 seconds later I had picked up five skeins and headed for the check out.

This handcraft store contains mostly finished objects, wood work, candles, needle work, jewelry and lots of other stuff, not all to my taste I admitt. Not all things are nice just because they are handmade and not all things handmade are to my particular taste even though I respect the craft and the work done by the crafter. I think that perhaps this one shelf of yarn is the only thing in the store that isn’t already made, so to speak. Anyway, as I stepped up to the counter with my treasure in my arms, the lady behind the counter said “Oh, there will be knitting”, as I laid the yarn balls down in front of her. I was dumbstruck. I don’t know if it was the tone of her voice or just the fact that she actually commented on my purchase but I had no idea what to answer. The first thought that ran through my head was “how does she know I’m not a crocheter?”. Her tone implied that there wasn’t usually any knitting going on and sure, I can imagine that there is not all young women who regularly buy yarn and even more regularly knit, but still. It’s not like there wasn’t any knitting going on before this purchase and it sure isn’t depending on these five balls (and I know that because I popped them in the freezer the moment I got back home and yet, there has been knitting tonight anyway) and I answered something cheery about knitting happening all the time while looking at the quite full project bag in my hand.

I just can’t imagine anyone saying this in a yarn store where they expect you to buy yarn and if you buy yarn you are probably going to do something with it (even though I suspect that some people are thinking that I’m not doing much with my yarn as they are looking at my stash). They might ask you what you are making, especially if you have questions, but not commenting on it like it wasn’t happening before buying yarn, like it was some kind of a one time thing, like they are surprised at what you are buying. It would be weird for a yarn store to be surprised that you are in there buying yarn, it’s what they sell, after all (it would be surprising if someone went there to buy golf clubs or a crowbar but yarn, no). I can’t help but think that the lady in this craft store didn’t really believe in her products, or at least not in people coming and buying lots of them and then come back to buy more. Why else would she be surprised that a customer is buying it? I guess she’s not that used to knitters, that’s all. Or at least not knitters who are barely 30 years old and still quite experienced.

I wonder if she says the same to women over 70.