My measurements


I have previously told you about my arms. My arms are great. They are long and they are excellent for reaching for things and for moving things and carrying things. Together with my height they make almost anything possible, if I can’t reach for something, it’s really high up and there is a good chance not many people will be able to reach it (hence, it’s a sign to get a stool or something to stand on). My arms help me to reach for yarn that the yarn store has placed on a shelf high up (which hopefully not many people have therefore considered), I can easily (depending on how heavy it is) put my bags or luggage on the shelves above the seats in the train, basically I’m good at reaching for things high up (yes, I’ve been asked to help people in stores to help them reach for something and I always do gladly (although I think it would only be fair if someone helps me pick up stuff from shelves closer to the floor every once in a while, especially the days when my back hurts, but that is considered rude)).

The only time long arms are a bit of a challenge is when it comes to clothes. Most coats and sweaters have too short sleeves (I totally rock the 3/4 sleeve but every once in a while it would be nice with long sleeves). If this wasn’t enough, it’s awfully hard to measure one’s own arms which means that knitting sleeves makes for a little trial and error sometimes (the solution is called wrist warmers, which means I need one pair in each color, which ironically makes for way more knitting than just continuing the sleeves for a few more centimeters (not that more knitting is bad, but still, you know). Now though, now, Jenny has measured my arm and I know for a fact that it’s 66 cm long. This is revolutionary knowledge, it will change my entire wardrobe (I hope). 66 cm, 26 inches. It wasn’t harder than that. Now, I’m continuing with my sleeve knitting.