Bored, more bored, floor board


So, you know my nemesis? The thing I always develop when there are sleeves coming up. Second Sleeve Syndrome. Sleeves are not my thing but it seems I’ve reached a cure. Something more boring than sleeves. Something that actually makes me what to knit sleeves. Picking up stitches. I’ve started to pick up those 865 stitches along the edge of my lace edge border but there are only so much I can manage before I’m totally bored and last night I actually started craving the sleeve I’m knitting on my cardigan. I’ve picked up about 500 stitches so far and all I want is to knit sleeves. If this is how actaully knitting the 865 stitches will be, then, well, yeah, it will be bad for the lace, really bad. On the up side though, I will get a lot of new sweaters.