Let’s talk about… knitting!


My elegant shawl is blocking. It’s really pretty and so wide. I haven’t had time to admire it properly though because I have an oral exam due tomorrow and I’ve been working on that instead. We get to talk about anything we like for 3-5 minutes and I chose knitting. One would have thought it to be easy to talk about knitting for 3-5 minutes, after all I talk about knitting for a considerable longer amount of time daily, but it is hard. First of all, because I don’t have an audience and second because I don’t have an audience of knitters. I don’t talk as much about knitting with non-knitters, they just wouldn’t understand. Also, since people will listen to my recording later, I bet they are going to ask me why I have so many on-going projects at the same time. The obvious comment to that is “why not” but that would probably sound complacent, not to mention that I don’t know how to say that in Polish. The truth is that I don’t think I need to explain why I do have many projects at the same time and it’s nothing I usually care to talk about with non-knitters. The reason I mention it in my oral exam is as above, I have to fill 3-5 minutes and then what is better than to talk about projects? It contains types of clothes and colors, words that I know. I guess I could have talked about feminism instead, another topic that I discuss daily, but that would just have been too difficult, not to mention that I have absolutely no idea how to say gender equality and discuss Butler’s gender performativity theory in Polish. So, knitting it is and it’s not so bad. I’ve learned a lot too, for example, stitches is called oczek in Polish. It will be okay and if anyone asks me why I have so many projects I will either have looked up “why not” by then or say something neutral like that I like knitting or pretend I don’t understand. After all, the person asking is not speaking Polish that well either.