Worth it or not

So, I’ve just signed up for another yarn and pattern club next year. I’m going all in and will make five shawls and four smaller projects. I will receive yarn and a matching project bag with each project and alla of them are mysteries so I will get a clue once a week. I have truly enjoyed the yarn club I’m in this year and I like the designer, Cindy Garland. It did get me thinging though. I have made quite a few MKALs by now and I started to Wonder how many of the projects I’ve actually gotten any use of.


The first one I made turned out a little small, especially compared to Jenny’s. She has had a lot more use of her’s than I have of mine.


The second one was the right size but I’m not sure about the colors. They were fun to knit with but since the pattern is quite busy with a lot going on, I think it would have benefited with some calmer colors. I’ve seen one in white and light blue that looked really nice. But that’s the thing with a mystery, you don’t know what you’ll end up with so it’s hard to choose the perfect colors.


I have actaully made the pattern from the first mystery once more, this time it turned out bigger and prettier.


The third mystery had great colors and a great pattern but again turned out too short. I need shawls that I can wrap around my neck and this simply isn’t big enough to do it the way I like it. I did like making this shawl though. These three MKALs were from 2013.


The first MKAL for 2014 was the antimacassar thing and you already know my feelings towards it. It’s too busy and too short. With this one the yarn was also a mystery and as you also know, the color blue got a little to me this past winter.


For the next mystery I got to not choose the exact colors but I got to choose a general direction. This shawl is nice but again a little too busy together with the colors.


The third mystery turned out really pretty and in a cool shape. I’ve never used that one though but that might be because it was way to hot for wool this summer and I haven’t gotten around to wear yellow this fall.


I just finished the latest mystery and I do find it really elegant and I love the colors of the beads. I’m not sure about the color of the yarn but I didn’t intend it for me. We’ll see when it’s blocked though, my hopes are high for this one.

To be honest this isn’t the best record but maybe these things can’t be measured in terms of use but insted in terms of fun and I have had a great time making these things. I love receiving the yarn packages and to find out from week to week and clue to clue what it is that I’m making. And that is totally worth it.