A week missing


I’ve lost an entire week. Thursday morning¬†last week¬†I woke up and just couldn’t go on anymore. My cold had gotten the upper hand and it wasn’t until today that I dared go outside again. I’ve coughed and blown my nose and had a sore throat and if that wasn’t enough, my ear hurt, and then my head hurt, and then my sinuses hurt and then, as a cherry on top, I got an eye inflammation. It was so bad that I didn’t even have the energy to remove the yarn from its quarantine in the freezer, that’s how sick I was. Today I fell much better though but I have completely lost a week. I haven’t been outside, I haven’t a clue about what has happened in the world and my biggest concern has been where I last put my cough mixture. From now though, I hope that I will be a little bit more up to date and that I just keep getting better. I still keep my cough mixture close to me though.