Moth panic


Wow, last week sure wasn’t my week. It all started at the beginning of the week when someone brought a knitting to work. During Tuesday I looked at the yarn of this knitting and noticed that it was thinner in some places. Now, the yarn was a 70 % acrylic and 30 % wool blend so it probably wasn’t very interesting for any unwanted guests anyway but once the word moth was in my head I couldn’t get it out. I have a vivid imagination and usually I’m a pretty practical and realistic person but if I get something in my head, there is no end to the things I can imagine, especially not when it comes to the stash.

When I left work on Tuesday I gathered everything woolly that I could find and as soon as I got home I stuffed it all in the freezer, my hat, my mittens, the knitting I had had with me, everything, and I immeadiately felt better. I picked up a new knitting and settled in for a nice knitting evening. This could have been the end of it if I hadn’t woken up on Wednesday morning realizing that my actions hadn’t been enough. I had, after all, been with the suspiciously thin yarn all of Monday too and I had worn a woollen cardigan that I had then worn at home in the evening when I knit. That cardigan went into the freezer together with the new knitting I had cast on Tuesday evening and my Great Lace that I had worked on Monday evening. I thought about throwing the entire stash in the freezer but I didn’t really have the time right then. When we left home for work I saw something fluttering around in the stairwell and asked Julle if it was a moth (I might have been mildly hysterical) and he assured me that it wasn’t and that it certainly didn’t come from our apartment. I barely believed him.

I refused to bring a knitting with me on Wednesday and urged the owner of the thin yarn to bring it back home and put it in the freezer. Wednesday evening I wound a new skein of yarn and cast on. Thursday I did bring my knitting but kept it away from the place where the thin yarn had been. A co-worker who is experienced when it comes to moths told me that since we hadn’t seen any moths we were okay and that I shouldn’t worry. She also said that moths are creatures that fly around in the summer and they will enter your home through the window or elsewhere. Just keep the stash and wool closets clean and it should be okay (the last part is not really what I heard, I heard “there is no way to completely protect oneself from moths, gaaaah!). I guess you could say she managed to make things better and worse at the same time. I stopped worry so much about this moth alert but instead started to worry about the over all safety of the stash. I’m not sure that was better. I decided to keep the things in the freezer the full week anyway.

Saturday night I found something fluttering in my bedroom, dangerously close to my closet. Again, some kind of panic crept up (really, if you don’t want panic, stop fluttering when I’m tired) and Julle chased the offensive creature down and again assured me it wasn’t a moth (I have no idea how he can tell). The panic stayed on but when I murmured something about getting rid of the stash because it was too much strain to live in constant fear of it’s safety, Julle somewhat desperately explained that he will build some kind of moth free zone for it as soon as we get somewhere bigger to live. I didn’t really get how we would do it (it was late at night and I was tired after all) but the words air-tight and cedar tree and controlled ventilation was thrown in there and in the end he made me promise not to get rid of the stash.

On Wednesday I can remove things from the freezer and hopefully things will be okay again. At least as long as I don’t see anything else fluttering around.



My neck is less wry, I’ve got cookies and I’ve even sewn buttons on a wee vest. I woke this morning with sore shoulders and I wondered if it might be from zumba or yoga because it couldn’t possibly be from bobbin lace class, could it? The soreness eased up during the day though and so did my back and neck. I’ve turned the heel on a sock and I’ve eaten cookies. Slowly the problems of the week have drifted away and I am pretty pleased again. It also didn’t hurt that I got a visit from a wee one that complimented me by wearing a sweater I knit fo her. She was a delight.

Now I will continue with my sock and have another cookie. Good Sunday evening, that is.



This really isn’t my week. On top of it all, I got a wry neck tonight. I’ll just sit quietly in my chair and continue working on this. So long!

Cold feet


My feet are cold and my socks are in the freezer. My green knitting is coming along nicely though and it’s the softest yarn you can imagine. Too bad I can’t knit fast enough to warm my feet. I’ll have to work on that.

Playing it safe


Due to an incident I don’t want to talk about, not yet, my beautiful cardigan has ended up in quarantine in the freezer for a week, mostly because I’m a little weird when it comes to yarn. I’m sure everything is fine but in case everything isn’t fine, I’ve decided to play it safe. Come to think of it I’ve put my measuring tape, scissors and tapestry needles there as well and maybe I should go rescue them, they don’t need to be in the freezer for a week. Instead, since the cardigan is off limits for the next wee, I’ve decided to make a small thing for a wee one in this buttery yellow. I think it might be a good substitute while the cardigan get it’s stuff together.

Pink is the new pink


I think I’ve found this year’s color. I usually do in August but this year it took all the way to October to find it. Last year is was orange and lime green. This year it’s hot pink. I found a sweater in hot pink today and it got me completely stuck. Now all I can think of is hot pink. I even had to paint my nails pink. I’ve started to look through the stash and my patterns to see if there are any pink things I can make. I have a lot of pink in my stash. We’ll see what I come up with.


Yes, there was, is and will be knitting.


Today I bought yarn completely by accident. I had no plan what so ever to buy yarn, nevertheless, that’s what happened. I’m not quite sure myself how it happened and it was caused by some coincidences. I was on my way to have coffee with my mum and since the weather was nice I thought I’d walk. On my way I met my friend Emma and we stopped and chatted for a while and our conversation got quite animated. She went in her direction and I went in mine and in doing so I glanced to the right and spotted a handcraft store I’ve been passing on my bike a few times lately. Right now they are displaying yarn and I’ve been thinking I should take a look. Apparently this look was happening today so I crossed the street and stopped to look through the window. The yarn wasn’t really to my taste and besides, I was late for my mum, but then I happened to look past the window display and into the store where my eyes caught the sight of self striping yarn. Now, self striping yarn is not something I come by often and without hesitation I entered the store. 30 seconds later I had picked up five skeins and headed for the check out.

This handcraft store contains mostly finished objects, wood work, candles, needle work, jewelry and lots of other stuff, not all to my taste I admitt. Not all things are nice just because they are handmade and not all things handmade are to my particular taste even though I respect the craft and the work done by the crafter. I think that perhaps this one shelf of yarn is the only thing in the store that isn’t already made, so to speak. Anyway, as I stepped up to the counter with my treasure in my arms, the lady behind the counter said “Oh, there will be knitting”, as I laid the yarn balls down in front of her. I was dumbstruck. I don’t know if it was the tone of her voice or just the fact that she actually commented on my purchase but I had no idea what to answer. The first thought that ran through my head was “how does she know I’m not a crocheter?”. Her tone implied that there wasn’t usually any knitting going on and sure, I can imagine that there is not all young women who regularly buy yarn and even more regularly knit, but still. It’s not like there wasn’t any knitting going on before this purchase and it sure isn’t depending on these five balls (and I know that because I popped them in the freezer the moment I got back home and yet, there has been knitting tonight anyway) and I answered something cheery about knitting happening all the time while looking at the quite full project bag in my hand.

I just can’t imagine anyone saying this in a yarn store where they expect you to buy yarn and if you buy yarn you are probably going to do something with it (even though I suspect that some people are thinking that I’m not doing much with my yarn as they are looking at my stash). They might ask you what you are making, especially if you have questions, but not commenting on it like it wasn’t happening before buying yarn, like it was some kind of a one time thing, like they are surprised at what you are buying. It would be weird for a yarn store to be surprised that you are in there buying yarn, it’s what they sell, after all (it would be surprising if someone went there to buy golf clubs or a crowbar but yarn, no). I can’t help but think that the lady in this craft store didn’t really believe in her products, or at least not in people coming and buying lots of them and then come back to buy more. Why else would she be surprised that a customer is buying it? I guess she’s not that used to knitters, that’s all. Or at least not knitters who are barely 30 years old and still quite experienced.

I wonder if she says the same to women over 70.

My measurements


I have previously told you about my arms. My arms are great. They are long and they are excellent for reaching for things and for moving things and carrying things. Together with my height they make almost anything possible, if I can’t reach for something, it’s really high up and there is a good chance not many people will be able to reach it (hence, it’s a sign to get a stool or something to stand on). My arms help me to reach for yarn that the yarn store has placed on a shelf high up (which hopefully not many people have therefore considered), I can easily (depending on how heavy it is) put my bags or luggage on the shelves above the seats in the train, basically I’m good at reaching for things high up (yes, I’ve been asked to help people in stores to help them reach for something and I always do gladly (although I think it would only be fair if someone helps me pick up stuff from shelves closer to the floor every once in a while, especially the days when my back hurts, but that is considered rude)).

The only time long arms are a bit of a challenge is when it comes to clothes. Most coats and sweaters have too short sleeves (I totally rock the 3/4 sleeve but every once in a while it would be nice with long sleeves). If this wasn’t enough, it’s awfully hard to measure one’s own arms which means that knitting sleeves makes for a little trial and error sometimes (the solution is called wrist warmers, which means I need one pair in each color, which ironically makes for way more knitting than just continuing the sleeves for a few more centimeters (not that more knitting is bad, but still, you know). Now though, now, Jenny has measured my arm and I know for a fact that it’s 66 cm long. This is revolutionary knowledge, it will change my entire wardrobe (I hope). 66 cm, 26 inches. It wasn’t harder than that. Now, I’m continuing with my sleeve knitting.


GLP update #6 – 865


Yep, I did it. It took me three evenings but that is 865 picked up stitches, neither more nor less. I put a marker every 50 stitch and I picked up exactly the right number. Now I’m going to reward myself by knitting a sleeve.

Knit on!