Blank spaces on the map


It’s been obvious to me these past few days. Fall is here and the mornings are cold. I have switched my cardigan for a jacket when I take my bike to work. It’s getting more and more clear though that there might be a need for some kind of fingerless mitt to finish the ensemble (and prevent me from freezing).


In times like these, when there is an urge and something needs to happen quite fast, the easiest is to just turn to the already known. A pattern I’ve already made and are familiar with. It happens so easily. Sometimes I just happen to like the pattern and therefore enjoy knitting a lot from it to get it out of my system. Sometimes I suspect it’s pure laziness. Like that shawl pattern I used for three Christmas gifts in 2010 (sure, I was a much less experienced knitter back then but how would I have learned more if I only ever made one type of shawl?) or the Cupcake Cutie Caps in 2013.


Now with the evident need of a pair of fingerless mitts (and of course I don’t care for the ones I already have right now (granted most of them are mere wristwarmers and I’m looking for something a little more “covering” and that I made most of them in 2005 which means they are kind of worn out (and by worn out I mean that some of them are literally falling to pieces))) my first thought was to go the pattern for the ones I made in late May and early June.


I have, not a rule, but a goal, an aim. I have plenty of pattern books and magazines and booklets and to sort of advocate to myself the need and necessity of all these books, magazines and booklets I try to knit at least one pattern from each item in a sort of “If I’ve used them it wasn’t an unnecessary purchase”. This has prooven a bit difficult at times when the rate of my pattern purchases exceeds my ability to knit.


When I first cast on wristwarmers in late May I was happy, it was a new pattern from a book that was in my book case and I could tick off another book.


Now though, these are already done and I’ve made something from that book and why don’t I try something new? What’s the fun in making something I’ve already done? Why should I wear the same kinds of fingerless mitts as everyone else? Sure, it’s easy, but should I go for easy every time? No, I’m going to search my pattern library and pick something I haven’t knit before. (I can at least pick another pattern from the same book.) Surely I can do it!

(This means that The Sweater Committment will be a little less committed for a week or so but I believe that the question of warmth should be a priority this time of the year.)


Pattern: Rosa Rubiginosa Mitts by Hunter Hammersen. Yarn: Malabrigo Sock, color 204 Velvet grapes and Drops Baby Alpaca Silk from Garnstudio, color 6347 blue purple (I think).