The sweater committment


I should have been prepared, I really should, but it kind of snuck up on me and I didn’t realize it until this morning, and I really should have, since I was so on top of things in August. But no, with everything being crazy at work I haven’t really realized that time has passed and that it’s already almost mid-September.

With the lovely, lovely shawl blocking and the blue cardigan being finished, I am sort of on track with this years projects for me (a minimum of 12), but for one thing. I don’t have a plan. I have no idea what to knit now. What should I make for myself? I have at least four projects left this year but I don’t know what to knit and it is Christmas (by knitting perspective) pretty soon (who am I kidding, I’m quite sure there will be a lot of washcloths under the tree this year) and that needs to be planned for and I have no idea what to knit for myself.

I’ve discussed this problem with Jenny, who is an excellent person to discuss knitting with, and together we have scratched our heads and poked our brains to remember what I’ve been saying that I want to knit for myself in the past. It seems, after a very close look, that the things I’ve mostly put off are sweaters. I’ve decided on them, I’ve even bought the yarn but I haven’t knit them. It would seem that my stash contains to a great part of un-knit sweater yarn and maybe I should do something about that, like knit a freaking sweater every once in a while.

Now, I’m not stupid, I know why I haven’t knit these sweaters. A sweater takes committment and they usually contains at least two sleeves (and we all know about me and sleeves) and if they are not raglan sweaters they also mean a lot of assembling and sewing. Mostly though, they require time and time is Royal game in most people’s lives. There is always something that prevents me from casting on a sweater. Either Christmas is coming up or there is a baby due or there is someone’s birthday or someone have looked at me with big innocent eyes and said that they’ve always wanted a knitted shawl on 2 mm needles with a pattern so complex it could make the most experienced knitter want to rip her hair out. There is always something.

As it so happens that I have three and a half months left of this year to make four bigger projects for myself, maybe it’s time to do something about some of those sweaters. Winter is approaching and it’s only wise to start preparing. Since sweaters do take both committment and time though, this will have consequences. There might not be that many knitted Christmas gifts this year (yep, you guessed it – washcloths) and maybe the baby arriving in November will have to settle for just a blanket rather than a blanket, a sweater, a bonnet and socks (it’s not like the baby will care anyway). It’s that sweater yarn in my stash’s time to shine and who am I to stand in its’ way?

Go sweater! (I’ll just finish the things I have on my needles right now first, after all, it’s not those projects’ fault that I just decided to knit sweaters.)