There is a little blocking bonanza here. Every surface big enough in the living room is covered in with blocking mats. Actually, every surface in the living room that doesn’t contain balcony furniture is covered with blocking mats. The balcony man needed to look over the balcony so we had to move all the furniture indoors. Now there are flower pots, furniture and blocking mats everywhere.

wpid-dsc_5251.jpgwpid-dsc_5250.jpg wpid-dsc_5249.jpg

There are some washcloths on the go and also my darling shawl.


Yeah, due to the living room being a bit of a mess I had to take the picture upside down. That doesn’t matter though, it’s still a really delicious shawl and I can’t wait till it’s dry.

Also, there is a little sweater hidden somewhere, like under the table where there is still a little room. Hopefully this chaos will be over soon.