A ladybug reflection


Not only did I get a new nephew in May, my niece had her birthday too. To celebrate my darling girl I knit her, a somewhat oversized I admit, sweater with ladybugs. Darling niece really likes ladybugs and calls every bug a ladybug. She even calls some ladies ladybugs too (I can sympathize with that, some ladies, and some men for that matter, can really be bugging you).


The pattern was a gift from a friend at ravelry.com and it feels almost vintage since it’s from the late 90’s. Our perspective of time changes so quickly.


The sweater is too big for darling niece right now but she’ll grow into it and before we know she will have outgrown it and none of us will be able to imagine that she could once fit in it and that it was too big.


Soon she’ll think that ladybugs are for babies and that she’s way too cool for that.


When that happens Aunt Ina will have to come up with new, cool, things but till then we’ll make do with ladybugs.


Pattern: Ladybug Pullover by Heather Lodinsky. Yarn: Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK from Sirdar, color is called limey or something like that, apparently I was a little loose on the notes.