Some day you’re the dork


Today, or rather tonight, it’s the Culture Night in my town. I’ve been to many Culture Night’s throughout the years and it’s usually a good time. This year though, I’ve tried to tempt me to go out do something, but I just can’t be bothered. I know there are a lot of fun things going on in town but I just want to sit in my chair, have a cup of tea and a cookie and knit. Knit, knit, knit. Later I will make an attempt of making some kind of tote bag for my bobbins, lined with lace, and a card for next weekend’s wedding, that we are attending. In short, I just want to potter around with my things and what better day to do it than a Saturday? My knitting, my sewing machine and bobbin lace pillow are all here and that’s where I want to be. Not going out looking for fun, I have my fun around me at home and what more could I ever ask for?

How about a date?


I’m generally good with dates. I know when people’s birthdays are and I know when things happened (yes, Kennedy was shot November 22, 1963, my grandpa was born November 22, 1908, I got my driver’s license August 24, 2004 and the last cousin reunion I attended was May 29, 2011 (me and my aunt, who is also good with dates, once had a discussion about which date it was. I was right)). This particular skill frightens people sometimes, especially when I can tell the birthdays of people I’ve barely met (come on, Diana’s older brother told his friend what date his sister was born while I was standing next to them in the ticket line to the movie theatre and I just happened to remember it) but usually it’s a really good skill.


That is, till you want to trick me. Or you just want to change things. If you want to celebrate your birthday three months later that’s okay, but don’t make me pretend like I don’t know when it actually is, oh no, you will get your gift on the actual day or close by and then maybe a card when you choose to celebrate. Also, you can’t trick me into believing that a party is for a birthday when it really isn’t since I know your birthday is eight months away.


Of course I think that people can celebrate their birthdays whenever they want, I’m just going to be a bit confused when you tell me you’re having a birthday party in May when we both know your birthday is really January 14.


The bad part about being good with dates is not when things happen after they are supposed to, but when they happen before, as was the case this past spring. An old friend of mine had a big birthday coming up, I knew about it because I know her and I’ve known her and her birthday for more than twenty years. I was prepared and somewhat planned, I knew I had five weeks left before the actual date because I knew that date for sure.


That’s when it happened. My friend had a late decision about an early celebration and instead of five weeks to knit something I all of a sudden only had two weeks and a pressing deadline in front of me. (One would have thought that given all the children’s birthday parties I attended at this friend’s house as a kid, I should have remembered that since her birthday was after the semester had ended, she usually had her birthday party in late May and so this shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but it did. After all, I’m good at remembering dates, not logical plans from two decades ago.)


In the end it all turned out well. I rushed to the Internet to choose a pattern and to order some yarn, it arrived quickly enough, I put every other knitting project on hold and when the party day arrived, I could present my friend with a brand new hand knit shawl (granted that I had to buy the gift bag and wrapping on the way to the party and do the wrapping in the store, but that’s not the important part, it was done before the party, that’s the important part).

I think she liked it very much.

Pattern: Holden by Mindy Wilkes. Yarn: Malabrigo sock, color Candombe.

Ninja measurer


Today I’ve had my first zumba work out ever and for some reason it seem to have hurt my back. I don’t know why and I’m not going to rule out that it might have been something else making my back grumpy. I really liked zumba though so I’m going to give it another chance and see what my back says. I’m pretty sure my back can’t have the last say in this, it can’t be allowed to stand in between me and my zumba. Due to said back ache I’ve been sitting tight and knit all evening. It’s been lovely and I can’t even begin to tell you how awfully fond I am of my new measuring tape. I just want to measure everything, I want to keep it with me at all times, bringing it out unexpectantly and ninja measure things when people doesn’t see it coming. It’s just so pink and pretty. I measure my work way more times than actually necessary and I take enormous pleasure in doing so. I think I have to go measure something now.

Knit on, measure on!

A discrepancy


It would seem that I have come to be a bit stuck. If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you’ve probably understood that colors are important to me. I care about what colors I wear and what colors I surround myself of and this passed winter I had a bad case of CLD – Color Lacking Desease. This means I also care deeply about what colors my yarn is. I don’t like knitting in black (which is why my black wrist warmers with beads are so worn out that I keep leaving little piles of beads everywhere I’ve been while wearing them and I still haven’t replaced them with new ones) and if someone asks me to knit for them I only agree if it’s in a color I can tolerate to knit with (i.e. no blacks, rarely beige or gray, and only in the exceptional case brown or dark blue).

This has rendered the Sweater Committment a little difficult. For some time now I have suspected that there is a discrepancy between the colors I can agree to wear and the colors I can agree to knit. In this case it doesn’t help that I’m terrified of going back to that colorless state I found myself in last January and February. It was just too horrible. I contemplate the color of every item I cast on I only dare to knit in light and happy colors but I don’t want to wear those colors during fall and winter. Call me crazy but my skin tone clashes horrendously with lime green in late November when every last ounce of tan has long left my face and if anyone saw me wear lime green then, they would immeadiatly start looking for the nearest loo as their gag reflexes are starting to get out of control.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like to knit with lime green yarn. I actually find it very pleasing to knit something lime green or peachy or bright yellow. I just don’t want to wear it in November but rather in June. This seems to me like a bit of a rock and a hard place, especially if I’m committed to knitting sweaters. I think the solution is, and this might seem so very easy but I’ve tried this every freaking time I make a decision to work out more and it has always failed, to really kind to myself and remember that it is okay to stop whenever I want (this is where I fail with the work out, I try to tell myself that it is okay to take it slow, that two miles run are totally okay, it doesn’t have to be four or six or whatever, but I can never believe it. Its either to run those four miles or not run at all. This usually means that I, form time to time, “overrun” myself to a point when it’s not fun at all anymore). I can try to cast on something dark purple or so but it’s totally okay to quit and knit on something else if I don’t feel it anymore. Even if this never has worked about the running, maybe with knitting it will do the trick. Maybe I should be a little bold and stick my chin out and try? I’ll think about it.

The sweater committment


I should have been prepared, I really should, but it kind of snuck up on me and I didn’t realize it until this morning, and I really should have, since I was so on top of things in August. But no, with everything being crazy at work I haven’t really realized that time has passed and that it’s already almost mid-September.

With the lovely, lovely shawl blocking and the blue cardigan being finished, I am sort of on track with this years projects for me (a minimum of 12), but for one thing. I don’t have a plan. I have no idea what to knit now. What should I make for myself? I have at least four projects left this year but I don’t know what to knit and it is Christmas (by knitting perspective) pretty soon (who am I kidding, I’m quite sure there will be a lot of washcloths under the tree this year) and that needs to be planned for and I have no idea what to knit for myself.

I’ve discussed this problem with Jenny, who is an excellent person to discuss knitting with, and together we have scratched our heads and poked our brains to remember what I’ve been saying that I want to knit for myself in the past. It seems, after a very close look, that the things I’ve mostly put off are sweaters. I’ve decided on them, I’ve even bought the yarn but I haven’t knit them. It would seem that my stash contains to a great part of un-knit sweater yarn and maybe I should do something about that, like knit a freaking sweater every once in a while.

Now, I’m not stupid, I know why I haven’t knit these sweaters. A sweater takes committment and they usually contains at least two sleeves (and we all know about me and sleeves) and if they are not raglan sweaters they also mean a lot of assembling and sewing. Mostly though, they require time and time is Royal game in most people’s lives. There is always something that prevents me from casting on a sweater. Either Christmas is coming up or there is a baby due or there is someone’s birthday or someone have looked at me with big innocent eyes and said that they’ve always wanted a knitted shawl on 2 mm needles with a pattern so complex it could make the most experienced knitter want to rip her hair out. There is always something.

As it so happens that I have three and a half months left of this year to make four bigger projects for myself, maybe it’s time to do something about some of those sweaters. Winter is approaching and it’s only wise to start preparing. Since sweaters do take both committment and time though, this will have consequences. There might not be that many knitted Christmas gifts this year (yep, you guessed it – washcloths) and maybe the baby arriving in November will have to settle for just a blanket rather than a blanket, a sweater, a bonnet and socks (it’s not like the baby will care anyway). It’s that sweater yarn in my stash’s time to shine and who am I to stand in its’ way?

Go sweater! (I’ll just finish the things I have on my needles right now first, after all, it’s not those projects’ fault that I just decided to knit sweaters.)


There is a little blocking bonanza here. Every surface big enough in the living room is covered in with blocking mats. Actually, every surface in the living room that doesn’t contain balcony furniture is covered with blocking mats. The balcony man needed to look over the balcony so we had to move all the furniture indoors. Now there are flower pots, furniture and blocking mats everywhere.

wpid-dsc_5251.jpgwpid-dsc_5250.jpg wpid-dsc_5249.jpg

There are some washcloths on the go and also my darling shawl.


Yeah, due to the living room being a bit of a mess I had to take the picture upside down. That doesn’t matter though, it’s still a really delicious shawl and I can’t wait till it’s dry.

Also, there is a little sweater hidden somewhere, like under the table where there is still a little room. Hopefully this chaos will be over soon.



Yesterday I had my first yoga class and today my body is really sore. Moving means pain but luckily there is no pain while knitting so that’s what I’ve been mostly doing. Yesteday I also got the second clue of the September mystery knit along so I’ve combined the arrival of the new clue with my bodily limits. Another lucky circumstance is that the clue is a long one and as icing on the cake, so far this is the prettiest of all the MKALs I’ve been knitting. I’m mesmerized, it’s so pretty. And, I think it only made it better that I choose that dark copper color. I don’t think I would have been as fond if it was light purple or something. It seems the dark copper color brings an elegance of sorts that appeals to me immensely.

Have a nice Saturday, I’ll be knitting.

The 70’s called…

…and wanted its colors back.


Yep, that’s true. I’m huddled under the brown blanket knitting something orange. Luckily the thing is done pretty soon because I’m not sure how much longer I can take this. The orange is haunting me. Everywhere I look there is some kind of dirty orange and now I find this combination in my own home, in my own lap actaually. I’m going to finish quickly and never talk about this again.

Buttons and lace


Tonight it was finally time again for bobbin lace night. It was great everyone and compare new laces and patterns and such.


I made good progress on my Scania lace, a type of lace with no paper pattern around the roll and instead you use a striped fabric to help you keep track of your lace. Also, the needles are only at the edges and never inside the lace.


I hade made cupcakes for the coffee break and please note the little button shaped sugar decorations. I picked them especially for the bobbin lace group since we are all a little obsessed with crafts in general and some of us with buttons particularly. They were very appreciated and, if I may say so myself, they were delicious (even though they accidentally fell out of the jar and into the bicykle basket on the way there, but don’t tell anyone).

This was a very nice evening.