Perfect match


Thanks to my darling Lyndsey there were some beads arriving to me yesterday. Beads in many lovely colors but most excitingly, or rather, most excitingly and surprisingly was the discovery that the red beads (yes, to the color police out there, it says red on the box even though I’m not sure I would actually call it red) that were intended for my raspberry red/pink shawl matches said shawl to perfection. (Again, to the color police, I know you say this shawl is red but I wouldn’t knit a red and grey shawl, I’m knitting a grey and pink shawl and since it’s my shawl and my knitting, I get to decide. Just go with it.) I hoped they would match but it’s always hard to match two things when one is a picture on a screen and the other is not. I don’t think this match could have gone better had I actually held the yarn in one hand and the beads in the other. Originially I was gonna do just plain transparent beads but I’m glad I didn’t and waited for this because it will be amazing. I can’t wait to get started!