Imperfect chicken

                                                                                                    Photo: Åsa Evertsdotter

Despite knitting (and finishing, mind you) a blanket, I’ve also had time to bobbin som lace. Right before Easter I started making a chicken. Or actually, I threaded the bobbins, since there were a million of them (during Easter I actually met some hens which later produced chickens, lovely, lovely, chickens, and they might have inspired me to go on with the chicken lace project despite all the millions of bobbins) . Then nothing really happened to that poor lace chicken untill the beginning of summer when I made half of it in one evening (again, making lace goes much faster than you would think, and it also goes much faster when you actually do it instead of hoping it would bobbin itself in the bag). Then it suffered from the lack of work space until this weekend.


On Sunday I took out my poor chicken again and realized immediately that me and this chick were not going to be friends. I wasn’t prepared for that since I really liked the hens that I met for Easter but the fact is that the bobbin lace chick and me had heavy disagreements on almost anything, you might say that the chick was kind of cheeky. There is a lot of bad karma bobbined into that one. Despite that I decided to actually finish it, explaining to Julle that it would be better for all of us (me, him and the chick) if I could just finish it that day and then be done with it. For some reason nothing was working out but I did finish and I totally admitt it’s bad lace making but since I know, and no one else does, what it threatened to look like, I think it turned out okay under the circumstances. It’s kind of cute in it’s imperfectness. Most important though, it’s finished.