Peril everywhere you look


I knit on the blanket. I knit every I have an opportunity and I keep on knitting dutifully. And even though I know that I’m making progress with every row, and I can even see that I’m making progress, I feel an itch. Everywhere I look there is some beautiful yarn or a nice pattern and I just want to cast on. Sometimes it feels like the project on your needles is never as nice as the next project. The project you’ve just finished can be really nice too but frankly, once it’s done, it looses it’s interest.

I know I should just keep on knitting, because I know there are beads in the mail (thank you, Lynds) that will help me finish the grey and raspberry red shawl and it makes no sense to start a new project now that I’m so close to finish two (one of which should really be finished soon or I will end up on December 26 knitting four projects for myself due January 1). Maybe I should isolate myself and just knit, knit, knit, without any input through TV or Internet, till the darn thing is finished. If I log on to internet I find nice things and pretty yarn and if I only even meet people (aka knitters) they all have something nice to knit that makes me jealous.

On the other hand, if there is no pain, then where are┬áthe sweets? I think the glory of finishing will probably be a little less shiny if there has been no pain to get there. That doesn’t mean I will embrace the pain, I will still fuss about it, but sometimes, in my wiser moments, maybe I’ll remember these intelligent words. Or, I’ll just go and cast on something new.