Tonight’s the night we’re gonna make it happen


I’m pretty sure it will happen tonight. I’m going to go for a run (hopefully), make a lace repeat and then, friends, I’m going to finish the green cowl. At least this is my intention but pride goeth before a fall and I might fall, and fall hard. (Actually, if I don’t finish it tonight I can finish it tomorrow or Saturday or pretty much whenever. It’s just that I want to be done with it.) When the cowl is finished I will continue on the blanket that is green and not pink. Also, I have ordered some beads to my grey and raspberry red shawl so that will happen soon, I hope. I will knit and knit and knit on the blanket and then it will be done and I’m never going to look at it again. Or something like that, it’s actaully not a bad blanket but for some reason I keep screwing up the lace.

So, I will finish the green cowl, because that’s the responsible thing to do and it’s what will give me most pleasure. And hopefully it will give Ingela some pleasure too, to come back from summer vacation to a lovely green cowl. Or, at least I hope it will be lovely once I block it, right now I’m a little suspicious about the whole thing, it is not what I hoped and it doesn’t resemble the picture in the pattern. There’s always the block though. As Willy Wonka says in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it all comes out in the wash. In this case, quite literally.