I’m glad I spent it with you


It’s been a great day. First I made chocolate chip cookies from a new recipe and they were delicious. Then Agnieszka and I went to a lake to do some swimming. It was lovely and warm enough in the water that we could stay in the water¬†for much longer than usual. It’s the first time I’m swimming outdoors this summer and it was about time. One should do it at least once every summer as a remembrance later in the year when it’s cold and definitely not swim suit weather. Also, pushing 30 is a great age, you don’t care about other people on the beach and what they might think of you, that’s their problem, the people you love loves you back and that’s what’s important, not what the nineteen year old girl on the next blanket thinks. To be honest, I think she might be the one having the bigger problems. Nineteen can be a terrible age after all.

Then in the evening I went for a long run and it felt great. I felt strong and I think I could have gone on for quite some time Рa very nice feeling.

I haven’t knit a single stitch but I have made some bobbin lace and that’s just as great. All in all, a great day.