Behind the tracks

I have a huge problem! This morning I thought I would count how many projects I’ve made for myself so far this year. You know, last year I decided to make at least 12 projects for myself and I did that. This year I hope to make as many projects as last year for myself and possibly more. This morning I counted what I’ve accomplished so far for myself in 2014.


1. The Rappaccini’s garden shawl.


2. The Divergence aka the antimacassar, the first mystery knit-along.


3. The Lichen that makes me look like I’m first fantasy flower in the annual school play.


4. The second myster knit-along.


5. The minced My Little Pony shawl.


6. The third mystery knit-along.

That’s only six projects and we’re in the 8th month right now. I need to step it up if I’m not going to sit by December 26th frantically knitting on my ninth project while having three more before New Year.


I need to finish those sleeves asap, this is not going to be a too-long-sleeve-syndrome.


And, I also need to buy beads so I can finish my delicious shawl. Then I’ll be on track. I will not forget the track again. That could be possibly awful.