It happens when you knit


So, sleeves again. I knit the first one. It took a few days and when it was time to start the second one. I figured it would take about the same amount of time to knit the second sleeve, after all, they were supposed to be the same length. So I sat down to knit. I knit in the evening. I knit the next morning. I knit during the day and after a while I figured I’d better measure my sleeve. It turned out it was almost an inch longer than the first sleeve, and I still hadn’t started the ribbing.

Note to self and lesson learned – it’s not about how many days you spend knitting on something, it’s about how many rows you actually make when you sit down to knit.

To fix the problem I decided to not rip back the second sleeve but to make the first sleeve longer instead. I think it will work like a charm as long as I remember to actually measure the thing once or twice while I go. But anyway, yay me for making not only one but two sleeves. It’s not everyday that happens, even if this time they happen to be a little different in size.