Dream a little dream of me


I had horrible dream last night. I dreamt that I was helping children flee from some oppressors, or rather I was helping someone helping children flee. The children were able to flee, much thanks to me and a glass of milk (don’t ask me how that happened but the glass of milk was essential) and me and the person I was helping (he was not a very friendly person, I must say) were also able to escape by boat. But, and that is a big but, I forgot my yarn behind! And that not very friendly person didn’t understand my loss at all! We were able to rescue some, like a skein or two and a work in progress, due to a friend who was going to the borrow the boat, that had now turned into a submarine. The big bag of yarn though, was lost, and this bothered me a lot in my sleep. It also bothered me when I woke up and had to go looking at my stash to make sure it was all there. It was.

During the night the heat calmed down and it got a little chillier and windy and perhaps I felt that through the open window. Maybe I felt cold and started longing for my yarn and couldn’t find any. This might mean that is’s time to cast on something new. We’ll see.