About time to finish


It’s been a while since I finished something. I think the last thing I finished was a pair of wristwarmers about a month ago. Since then I’ve been knitting huge things, a sweater, a mystery knit along, a blanket, a shawl in need of beads and of course, my huge cobweb lace. They are all quite lovely projects but it’s time to finish something. I can feel it. I’ve started too look deeper in the stash, I’ve found people I think might need something knitted and it’s getting harder and harder to tempt myself with the works in progress. The cure usually is to finish something.

The huge lace is out of the question. I won’t finish that one on this side of the new year but hopefully within a year or so and I dutifully knit at least one pattern repeat on it every day (except while on vacation). I should knit more on it though if I’m ever to finish, There are 85 pattern repeats in the border edge alone and one a day makes for 85 days which is sometime in the middle of September from the day I started. Counting by today’s amount of pattern repeats I’m nine days behind. So yeah, this lace is not going to smooth my urge to finish something, someday soon.

The shawl still has no beads because, well, I haven’t bought any yet. There are some other urgent things that fight for my attention and are more important than going to the store to by beads so that will have to wait some more.

The sweater could be finished soon but there is that obsticle called sleeves and there are two of them and even though they are about three centimeters from being cast on, they are still sleeves and I’m not going to repeat the mistake and think I’m almost finished just because I’m starting the sleeves.

The blanket, oh, the blanket. It has been neglected for a while, mainly because it’s getting big and also heavy and I can’t seem to be able to do that lace pattern without screwing up even though I really should be able to. I doubt anyone will see the mistakes though (especially since I myself can’t, I just know they are there).

In the end I will have to put my faith to the mystery knit-along. The last clue arrived the other day and there really isn’t anything stopping me from finish it (except those other important things I have to do but perhaps it’s worth the feeling to just put those extra hours in and finish the shawl and then I can move on to those more important things with a lighter heart. It’s like in college when I had a big exam but also had a very catching book to read and I realized I’d better hurry to finish the book first because there was no way I was going to be able to put my soul into the international phonetic alphabet as long as this book was distracting me. I did finish the book, then studied and I aced the test so it must have been a good strategy). Hence, that’s what I’ll do, I’ll finish the shawl and then feel much better about everything. I might even be able to knit a sleeve.