TUCT-14 – Vättern Edition. Day #3

This day was spent on and by the lake. We did what we never had the chance to really do last year, cross the lake. It all started innocently enough, we took the car to Olshammar, on the Western side of the lake.


There lives my cousin Ulrika and her husband. We met them, not by chance obviously, this was well planned, at the harbour and soon we were out on the lake in there boat Big Boat.


A summer day should definitely be spent on a lake in a boat, it’s just the right thing to do. The sun is warm and the water glitters.


There are sailboats and the view is just lovely.


The destination for our boat trip was Stjernsund slott, a castle on the Eastern side of the lake, built in the 19th century by Prince Gustaf (obviously not him personally, but he took the initiative. He was perhaps better at composing songs than building castles and he is also called the Singing Prince since he did compose a lot of still famous songs. He was also the Duke of my province and he studied at my university and has become a statue outside the university library).


Anyways, he had this castle built and it’s now a museum and very pretty. There is something very romantic about castles but I’m not sure it would actually be fun to live in one even if you didn’t have to think about money. Especially an old one, I would constantly be afraid of breaking something and you can’t live like that in your own home. But it sure is nice to watch and they new how to decorate things back then.


They also had a sense of drama and knew what would be the most spectacular. Like this entrance for example, to this castle you’d do best to arrive by boat. The castle is situated on a cape so it has water on both the South side and the North side and the main entrance is from the South side, up this very stair.


After lunch and a castle tour and a visit in the very nice museum shop we took the boat back to Olshammar and waved goodbye to Ulrika and Nicklas. It was the perfect summer outing, boat, food, castle and great views.


Dinner was spent at Idas brygga in Karlsborg, where we also had dinner last year. So far we’ve only had dinner at places were we also ate last year and to be honest I don’t know why we went back to the previous ones but Idas brygga is a hit. The food is lovely, the view is great if you like boats which we happen to do and the tea is neat. I can fully recommend Idas brygga to anyone hungry. And to those who isn’t hungry too, they could always drink the tea.

Tomorrow, we are off to some gardens, table cloths and waffles. Good night!