TUCT-14 – Vättern Edition. Day #1

Do you remember TUBT-13? The Ultimate Bike Trip we did last year. Well, we figured there were so many pretty things we missed because our only focus was food and to avoid roads with lorries, that we decided to go back, but this time by car. Hence, TUCT – The Ultimate Car Trip, starting today.

wpid-dsc_4789.jpgWe have arrived in Askersund, at the very top of the lake Vättern. Today we have only walked around and thought of last year’s trip and pointed at things we remembered from that year.


We even had dinner at the same place (and, knowing our habits, I’m pretty sure we even ordered the same kind of meal as last year). I must admit though that one we were sitting down and had ordered none of us remembered why we thought we’d go back to this place, the ambiance is really weird and today we also met the local player (and we know way too much about his life from the phone call he made to someone), but the food is good even though the fries could do with some more salt and it’s beautifully situated by the water.


Just like the last time we were here, it has rained earlier in the day and the air was a bit chilly, but the sun came out it was all very pretty.

Tomorrow we’ll continue our reminiscence further down the lake and also visit some new places. Till then, I bid thee good night!