Vest is the best?


That I suffer from a severe case of SSS – Second Sleeve Syndrome is no secret. Sleeves are my nemesis, I try and I start but it’s a challenge to finish. I’m not sure why. I think it might be that when I’ve finished the bodice I think that I’m nearly done when I’m really not and I get disappointed when it then takes longer than I expect to finish and I get bored and I moved on.


I’ve discussed this with a friend and we’ve laughed about it and when she became pregnant I promised to knit for her baby and to not make any sleeves.


Now shortcuts usually tend to be longer than expected and this was no exception but of course I didn’t know that when I started. I cast on and knit happily till it was time to divide the stitches between front and back. That was easily done and soon the bodice was finished.


Or so I thought. It turned out that not only was I to pick up stitches for the neckband, both front and back, different neckbands that is since the two were not connected.


I also had to pick up stitches around where the sleeves would have been. On both sides.


Then there were the stitches for the buton bands over the shoulders, four all in all. Of course, this was a lot quicker than making sleeves but also a little trickier since it involved a lot of stitches picked up and so.


Also, not to mention all the sleeves that had to be weaved in! About 16 ends just for the edges. That’s insane for such a small garment.


Well, in the end it turned out to be a very, very cute little vest. And now I know that vests aren’t always better than sleeves.

Pattern: Viggo by Drops Design. Yarn: Drops Alpaca Silk from Garnstudio, colors Powder and Pale Green.