A lighter shade of grey


Today some newly arrived yarn got out of quarantine and I set do decide which shade of grey would go better with the blue one, by knitting a swatch. The blue on is the one in the middle. I think the conclusion must be that the darker shade of grey is probably a better contrast but the strokes of blue clashes a bit with the original blue. The lighter grey is better in that aspect, it doesn’t clash and it doesn’t steal the thunder from the blue, which is the main attraction in this garment. Also, the lighter grey is called Chris Grey and I simply can’t get past that, it’s too funny. Especially since I don’t think this yarn contains that many shades of grey, let alone 50, and I think Christian Grey would have thought this a way too pale grey for his taste and even more so since I think it will be a nice subordinate color to my darling blue . Of course I should be wearing Chris Grey around my back, anything else would be just wrong.