A few days ago me and the bobbin lace class met at our teacher’s allotment to have a potluck. It was an unreliable evening weatherwise, it rained, it was sunny, it rained, it was sunny, so we had to move back and forth between indoors and outdoors.


We had just gotten our bobbin lace pillows out when it started raining so we took it all indoors so wait out the rain.


It stopped raining soon enough so we set the table with our food and started eating. By the end of the meal we had to move the table under the apple tree to shield us from more rain and as soon as we were pretty much finished we had to go inside again.


Indoors we had dessert, cake, both chocolate and strawberries and whipped cream. The latter was fobidden fruit for me since I can’t eat whipped cream but nothing could stop me from the chocolate. It was so good! Also, on of the other bobbin lacers was kind enough to just happen to accidentally to knock a strawberry over from the cake down on the plate and I could nick it without ruining the whole cake.

When it was time for me to say my goodbyes, the sky was clear again and I could bike back to home without getting wet. Weather can certainly be mischievious sometimes. And, while waiting out the rain, I made half of a lace chicken.